Harmony in Sound and Design


The characteristically warm, harmonious AUGUST FÖRSTER sound and the powerful blossoming of the notes on our instruments are the result of profound experience garnered over a continuous process of improvement that has been ongoing for more than 160 years. One particularly notable result of this process is the soundboard, which has been designed with great care and attention; Förster soundboards are unparalleled. The strong cast-iron plates in AUGUST FÖRSTER instruments can handle the tensile load of the strings with ease (up to 20 metric tons!). Although their special shape – based on a design patented by August Förster in 1866 – essentially guarantees torsional stiffness, we also install a sturdy wooden back frame for additional strength. This is why our instruments hold their tuning so well.


The exterior of our instruments is a visual reflection of the sound: harmonious lines, elegant contours, balanced dimensions. Holistic in design and sound. Timeless, yet modern.

Naturally, we round off the design with select accessories that have stood the test of time.


Each of our instruments is a masterwork of craftsmanship, one of a kind. It is a piece of musical instrument history that evolves into a unified whole under the hands of the player – sound, design, and individual imagination in perfect harmony.
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