AUGUST FÖRSTER Instruments With Muting

Would you like to be able to play the piano without bothering your neighbors? Then you may want to invest in a muting system for your AUGUST FÖRSTER instrument. We work with a number of different manufacturers whose systems allow us to install a muting function in all AUGUST FÖRSTER upright and grand piano models. The technology we install for this purpose is not much larger than a smartphone; it incorporates contactless sensors under the keys. When the muting system is activated, the hammers are stopped before they hit the strings, so no sound is produced as you play. However, the sensors measure the characteristics of the keystroke and transmit a signal to a processor that reproduces the various sounds in your headphones or speaker system, allowing you to play your AUGUST FÖRSTER instrument late in the evening or at other times when normal playing might disturb others. Depending on the provider, the muting system can be controlled via an app or directly on the device installed in the piano.

Player piano systems can also be installed in our instruments.

Have we sparked your interest? If so, please feel free to explore the information provided about our grand pianos and uprights, or get in touch with our workshop.
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