Specially dried and crafted of select, fine-grained mountain spruce, ribs notched into the rim to create the best distribution of sound and resonance in all registers


Laminated beech frame, beech- and spruce-bonded back posts secured with beech dowels guarantee good torsional stiffness


Bridges constructed from carefully selected sycamore maple ensure sound is properly transmitted to the soundboard

Cast-Iron Plate

Sand-molded cast iron made from a special iron alloy allows the plate to handle the string tension with ease


Made by German company Renner, crafted from European hornbeam for long service life and guaranteed functionality

Hammer Heads

Hammer Heads made by German company Renner, riveted and specially voiced for the unique August Förster sound


Made by German company Kluge; keys crafted from fine-grained spruce, individually balanced for consistent play

Pin Block

Made from 19-ply, cross-bonded beech supplied by German company Delignit, to ensure a firm fit for the tuning pins

Tuning Pins

German-made Diamant tuning pins


Produced with German-made Röslau wire, bass strings wound in our workshop

Additional Special Features

Brass fittings
Brass castors for the models C /­ E /­ F /­ G /­ K
end-to-end constructions with agraffes

Model 134 K:
Mineral-based keytops und black keys made of ebony
Sostenuto pedal
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