Quality and Individuality Are Our Hallmarks


Artists and creative people are often free spirits who have the exceptional ability to express their ideas and perspectives by shaping their surroundings. In that sense, an AUGUST FÖRSTER instrument can also become a unique work of visual art. We are glad to take on this additional creative challenge, and to work with you to bring your ideas to fruition.


The AUGUST FÖRSTER principle is founded on maintaining our 160-year tradition of craftsmanship and meeting the highest individual standards of quality. Continuing this tradition is both our great legacy and a wonderful challenge; crafting these magnificent instruments is hard work, but it fills us with pride in our product and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Our instruments are made almost entirely by hand, using tried-and-true traditional methods and the very finest materials.
Crafting a masterpiece of an instrument involves many significant details; we lovingly imbue each instrument with these details using the skill garnered over many generations of traditional handiwork.
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