... 165 years of captivating sound, crafted by hand


Pianos from the Heart of Germany

The AUGUST FÖRSTER piano workshop is available to meet all your upright piano and grand piano needs. Local suppliers and craftsmanship made in Germany safeguard our ability to produce instruments without relying on materials shipped over long distances. Are you interested in an instrument? Please drop us a line; you will receive a prompt response. We look forward to hearing from you!

Piano-Making is an Art – and Art Stems from Skill

That is our legacy. Our passion and enthusiasm for creating unique instruments always spur us to new heights of creativity and craftsmanship. That is the strength and the lifeblood of our company.


Currently, AUGUST FÖRSTER employs a staff of 39 people who produce approximately 60 grand pianos and 120 upright pianos every year. Customers and interested parties have the opportunity to take a tour of our production facilities, to see us hand-crafting the instruments in person. For many of our customers, this chance to witness the creation of “their instrument” is an increasingly vital aspect of the process.

  • Dr. Jonas Kvarnström, March 2020

    Thereʻs Magic in the FÖRSTER

    The FÖRSTER: Magic. Wonder. Brilliance. Sonority. Volume. Tone. Sensitivity. Power. Orchestral. It just grabbed me, brought tears to my eyes...
    Dr. Jonas Kvarnström, March 2020
  • Jascha Nemtsov, August 2021

    A miraculous creation

    I was given a fantastic tour of the production facilities. It is really fascinating to watch the process of raw wood and cast iron transforming into such a miraculous creation.
    Jascha Nemtsov, August 2021
  • Aleksandra Mikulska, February 2019

    A Marvelously Pure and Effervescent Sound

    The marvelously pure and effervescent sound and the comfortable lightness of the action make this instrument a masterpiece and an inspiration.
    Aleksandra Mikulska, February 2019
  • Prof. Konrad Richter, October 2018

    Incredibly Inspiring

    I found their exceptional quality and richness of sound incredibly inspiring. Playing these instruments is an exhilarating experience for me.
    Prof. Konrad Richter, October 2018
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