An AUGUST FÖRSTER instrument consists of more than 12,000 individual parts assembled with extreme precision by our master craftsmen and -women. The manufacturing process takes months and involves many thousands of steps, some of which include tips and tricks passed down through the generations. The result is a masterfully crafted instrument of the finest quality, harmonious in design and sound.

Since 1859, we have been gathering experience and refining our understanding of the desired diversity of sounds, different styles of playing, and dynamics of the keystrokes; we infuse those many decades of expertise into the soul of AUGUST FÖRSTER instruments, allowing them to convey the individual styles of renowned players and imbuing the instruments with value that grows over time.

From our little parlor grands to our concert grand pianos, all of our instruments are hand-crafted with the same passion for detail.
The components we use at our workshop in Löbau come almost exclusively from German suppliers. The mountain spruce for the soundboards and the sycamore maple for the bridges grow in Austria and Italy – it all comes down to quality.

Our Grand Piano Models

Model 170

- Studio Grand Piano -

Length: 170 cm
Weight: 350 kg


Model 190

- Grand Piano Master Class -

Distinguished by its powerful volume and balanced play

Length: 190 cm
Weight: 375 kg


Model 215

- The Grand Piano for professional players -

Length: 215 cm
Weight: 470 kg


Model 275

"Super Mondial" Concert Grand Piano for large performances - especially in concert halls

Length: 275 cm
Weight: 550 kg


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