Caring for an AUGUST FÖRSTER Instrument

Please follow the instructions below to continue enjoying the sound of your AUGUST FÖRSTER instrument for many years to come!

Delivery and Placement

If the instrument is delivered during cold weather, it should initially be left to stand in an unheated room and should not be opened. Gradually acclimate the instrument to normal room temperature.

AUGUST FÖRSTER instruments are intended for placement and use in dry rooms with consistent, normal temperatures. Moisture, drafts, overheating, large fluctuations in temperature, and direct sunlight will damage your instrument. The instrument can handle fluctuations in humidity at levels between 40 and 70 percent. Do not place the instrument directly against an outside wall or directly in front of a heat source.


Your instrument should only be serviced by qualified technicians. The scope and frequency of service required will depend on the individual needs of the buyer and the way the instrument is used.


After the initial purchase, the instrument will need to be tuned two or three times during the first year, and at least twice a year in the years that follow.

Maintenance and Cleaning

We recommend having the piano regulation and voicing checked and the mechanics cleaned every two to three years. If the piano is used normally, the hammer heads, voicing, and regulation should be checked and the keyboard and action thoroughly cleaned every five years.

Please do not use furniture polish to clean your instrument. We recommend cleaning polyester surfaces carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth or feather duster. You can also moisten the cloth slightly. For heavier dirt, we recommend Cory Super High-Gloss Piano Polish, which can be purchased from piano dealers. Instruments with open pores should be dusted with a dry, lint-free cloth.


The keytops should never be cleaned with cleansers that contain alcohol, spirit, or any other solvents. A mild soap-and-water solution or dishwashing liquid with a soft leather cloth is a tried-and-true cleansing method. When cleaning the keyboard, make sure that the wood on the sides of the keys is not exposed to moisture.
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