AUGUST-FÖRSTER-instruments with Silent-System

Playing the piano without disturbing your neighbors: Do you want a silent-system for your new AUGUST-FÖRSTER-instrument? Herefore we cooperate with PianoDisc: The QuietTime Mute rail allows to integrate such a system in any upright and grand piano of AUGUST FÖRSTER. Recently PianoDisc has launched a new generation of its system. Now the whole technique comes in a smaller version, furthermore contactless sensors are working below the keys. When system is activated, the pianos hammers are stopped before striking the string. The piano is muted. The sensors instead register the touch of the keys. A processor unit gives the sound to your earphones or hifi-system. So you can use your FÖRSTER-instrument on your own – in the evenings or when playing would interfere someone else. In addition you can take your own recordings as well.

If we have aroused your interest, get more information: about our grand pianos, about our upright pianos or contact us in our manufactory.

AUGUST FÖRSTER grand pianos

AUGUST FÖRSTER Upright pianos

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