AUGUST FÖRSTER Care instructions

In order to enjoy the melodious sound of your AUGUST FÖRSTER for years to come, please take note of the following care instructions:


Should the instrument be delivered in cool weather, please place it in an unheated room and don’t open it. The instrument should slowly be introduced to normal room temperatures.


The instrument is meant to be placed and played in rooms with constant dry and normal temperatures. Moisture, drafts, over heating, large temperature fluctuations and direct sun light will damage the instrument. The instrument can tolerate humidity fluctuations between 40–70%. The instrument should not be placed close to an outside wall or directly near a heat source.


The instrument should only be serviced by qualified technicians. The type and frequency of service depend on the needs and wishes of the owner as well as the use of the instrument.


During the first year, the instrument should be tuned two to three times and at least twice a year thereafter.


It is recommended that the regulation and tone of the instrument, as well as a general internal cleaning be performed every two to three years. Every five years, the hammer heads, intonation, regulation, keyboard and mechanic should be checked and under go a thorough cleaning.


Please do not use furniture polish to clean the instrument. Polyester areas are best dusted using a soft lint-free cloth (which can be damp) or a feather duster.We recommend Cory Piano Polish (super high gloss) for larger cleaning jobs. Open-pore instruments should be dusted with a dry, lint-free cloth.


The keyboard should never be cleaned with cleaners that contain alcohol, spirits or solvents. Soapy water and a soft leather cloth have proven best for cleaning the keyboard. With the cleaning pay attention to the fact that no humidity can penetrate into the wood of the keys at the side.
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