The Elektrochord

The development of the Elektro-Sciences in the 20th century paved the way for a new keyboard instrument.

1932 the new AUGUST FÖRSTER Elektrochord was developed in close collaboration with Oscar Vierling from the Berlin Heinrich Hertz Institut and the German American inventor Franklin Miessner.

The oscillation of a string was electronically received and amplified. Various controls made it possible to alter the sound by a wide range. From the delicate sound of a spinett to the majestic sound of a concert grand piano. In 1982 the Elektrochord, which was produced in 1938, with the number 75500 was restored for the collection of the "Deutsches Museum" in Munich.

After restoring the instrument for 10 months the piano looked like new and was delivered to Prof. Vierling in Ebermannstadt for the reproduction of the acoustic system.

He spent an enormous amount of time to recreate the complicated electrostatic sound control as it was in 1938. The missing amplifier and speaker were replaced by other components.

On December 15, 1985 this Elektrochord was presented at a ceremony at the "Deutsches Museum" in Munich.

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