Friedrich August Förster,

...born on July 30th, 1829 in Oberseifersdorf. After 3 years apprenticeship he worked in a cabinet makers workshop during the revolution 1848/49 where he repaired musical instruments in his leisure time.

This turned out to be a decisive factor in his life. August Förster moved to Löbau and studied the fundamental principles of pianomaking with Mr. Hieke and Karl August Eule.

In 1854, August Förster passed his exam as a pianomaker. After years of work in different towns, he returned to his home in the region of the Oberlausitz full of good ideas.

On April 1st, 1859, August Förster established a small workshop in Löbau, where he made his first piano.

1862 he established the first factory building in the suburbs of the town in today´s Jahn street. This factory has been developed into a modern plant during the last decades.

August Förster died in 1897 and his son Cäsar Förster took over the management of the factory

In 1900 Cäsar Förster founded a branch factory in Georgswalde in Bohemia.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was an important market but because of the high import duties that were imposed in 1886, sales to that area became very difficult. The establishment of the branch factory only a few kilometers across the border from Löbau provided the opportunity to circumvent the high duties and thus gain access to a large market.

In 1945, the Czech government nationalized the branch factory in Bohemia. Up to the year 2000, pianos with the name AUGUST FÖRSTER are being produced in the Czech Petroff factory. These pianos cannot be compared to the design and quality of the original and traditional AUGUST FÖRSTER pianos made in Löbau.
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