Motivation by Visions


While other publish their quality reports our admired customers orally and in written form proclaim the praise about the quality of our instruments. Numerous well-known pianists, composers and conductors serve as witnesses an motivation to us that this path of ours will be the only true and steady one. We promote our lateral thinkers because they are the free spirits who are in dialogue with the artists and always inspire the instrument building anew. We produce every instrument with affectionate handicraft. Only that way we can meet our own standard.


That way we persistently maintain the human side because the people stand behind the vision and are in charge of our instrument´s quality and do everything to live up to the heritage. We know where we come from, namely from a country of great musicians and composers; this is a great honour and one of the reasons why we put all our concentration into our AUGUST FÖRSTER grand pianos and upright pianos. In doing so, we take the stony but autonomous way for securing our long-term success. The production site is an eminent part of our philosophy: it was, is and remains in Löbau, in Saxony, in Germany. The country where the first "pianoforte" was built and became popular.

Like its blood the AUGUST FÖRSTER vision and its concept today flows vivaciously through the veins of our company in its fifth generation.
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