Harmony in Tone and Design


The warm, mellow sound is characteristic for our AUGUST FÖRSTER instruments. The perfect volume of the sound are the results of profound experience, continous development and improvement over a period of more than 150 years. Specifically the carefull crafted soundboard is unique for AUGUST FÖRSTER instruments. The strong cast iron frames can withstand the tension of the strings of up to 20 tons, a specialty patented to Mr. AUGUST FÖRSTER already back in 1866 and therefore guarantees utmost stability. Nevertheless, that’s still not good enough for Mr. August Förster, so he constructed and added special back posts for a perfect stability of the tuning, an outstanding characteristic of the AUGUST FÖRSTER instruments.


What makes the appearance of an AUGUST FÖRSTER instrument so unique? A combination of harmony, shape and proportion.

We completed our instruments with the finest accessories. The cabinets will finally be finished in accordance with the demands and need of our customers. A piece of art, modern and traditional as well.


Each instrument is an individually crafted piece of art reflecting the skills of our craftsmen. The player will appreciate the outstanding intonation, when he or she performs on stage or just for his or her own enjoyment.
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